Design – Concept

Condo renovations are usually all about “thinking inside the box”! Are you looking for a larger bathroom? If so, where is the space going to come from? You may want the latest and greatest gas cooktop but are there gas lines running through the building? Are you dreaming of a kitchen renovation that will give you a space worthy of a celebrity chef – until your Vancouver strata council tells you “not a chance!”

And don’t forget, changing electrical or plumbing is complicated by the fact that in concrete buildings you can’t drill through walls like you can with a wood frame building. When you factor in having to work with concierges, strata councils, limited elevator access and size, and minimal street parking for trades working on your site, what you thought should be a fairly easy and quick renovation takes on a whole new meaning.

Elevators need to be booked to move workers and materials up to your renovation. But is the elevator so small that a crane will be required to get those building materials where they need to be? During what hours of the day are workers allowed to be on site? How much cleaning of common areas does the concierge/strata expect to be done and how often?

All of these factors don’t mean that you can’t have an incredible renovated home. Many of maison’s projects have gone on to win design awards. The big difference for a condo versus a house is that the dollars you spend on your condo will be for finishes – not windows and furnaces.

The important thing to focus on is understanding both the limits and the potential for condo renovations – i.e. what works for sound transference issues, balcony transformations and how to create storage space.

As an award winning specialist in Vancouver condo renovations maison d’etre is experienced in taking care of these “hidden” challenges while seamlessly providing all of the services – design, permits, construction – your condo renovation requires.

Besides, most of our staff choose to live in strata properties in Vancouver so we are intimately aware of the numerous considerations involved in these renovations.


1. Initial Meeting
1 hour
2. Design Proposal
1 week
3. Concept Development
2 – 4 weeks
4. Design Detailing
2 – 6 weeks
5. Permit Application
2 – 6 weeks
6. Construction Phase
2 – 12 months
7. Project Completion
Project Completion