Project Description


Here we sit — missing our beautiful place, that gorgeous city and our terrific friends. Thank you all for not only turning a decent living space into a showpiece but also being there for us and helping the newbies get into the swing of Vancouver. We had an amazing first summer and look forward to so many more. We expect you all to be a part of them.

Marc and Jeannie
Yaletown Condo Renovation (1)


vision & challenges:

  • upgrade unit in first condo tower built in Yaletown
  • expand confined kitchen area

design solutions:

  • connected solarium to kitchen with matching cabinetry and extra height cabinetry
  • raised countertops in solarium integrate with existing pillar; visually expand room
  • improved flow by relocating storage room door to bedroom
  • adding barn door to main bathroom; changing bi–folds to French doors
  • relocated ensuite door to increase functionality of bedroom
  • increased light flow and open feel throughout entire condo with use of opaque single-light doors
  • increased kitchen storage with use of European sized fridge, single dishwasher drawer, induction cooktop for gas–like cooking

Project Details