Project Description

maison d'etre, a Georgie Award Finalist

Embarking on a large renovation project requires patience, optimism and a willingness to deal with the challenges and surprises that can unexpectedly turn up. Choosing the right people to work with can make all the difference between a successful project and a nightmare.

We care about workmanship and quality and have an appreciation for professionals who take pride in the work that they do. We wanted to work with people who have a passion for good design and construction and who could bring their expertise and experience to the project to ensure that the quality of the materials, finishes and workmanship would meet our exacting standards.

Our renovation had many challenges and it was not a pain free, inexpensive or fast process however we didn’t expect it to be. We experienced what we expected to experience – a process that required patience, the ability to adapt, and the willingness to accept and deal with complications as they were encountered and to compromise when necessary. We’ve had no regrets with our renovation experience and are thrilled with the results. We’re very happy to highly recommend the maison d’etre design–build team.

Eric and Melanie


vision & challenges:

  • transform 30 year old, 14’ wide unit to complement the homeowners upscale lifestyle
  • maximize functionality while staying true to original design

design solutions:

  • selected furnishings at start of design — used to match cabinetry, flooring
  • used unified finishes — stained grey-maple floors, grey/white walls, two–toned acrylic cabinetry, tiles, stainless steel elements, blinds
  • custom-designed entire 3 storey space including drawers, cabinets to accommodate every pre-selected kitchen item; cabinetry for coats, shoes/guest storage space/office files/books/media components
  • re-configured main floor to include home gym; bathroom; multi-function room for reading/office/home theatre/guest room
  • concealed audio speakers above drywall for uncluttered finish; designed valances to conceal daylight/blackout blinds/drop-down media screen; audio/ lighting/blinds/heat controlled by IPad
  • detailed master bedroom ensuite with make-up area, custom lighting, lit glass shelves, complemented by walk-in shower with thermostatically controlled heated floors and bench
  • designed and installed visually stunning wall feature to soften prominent 2 storey blank wall; and to add texture/lighting for mood; LED lighting has near infinite themes/colours

Project Details