Maison D’etre Design Phase with Rob Capar



Here at maison d’etre we have a philosophy centered on great results, and great results start with a detailed design phase. Even when we renovated maison d’etre owner Rob Capar’s Vancouver home we followed the exact same detailed design process to ensure excellent renovation results. Starting with an accurate measurement of the space as it exists, through the conceptual drawings, all the way to selecting materials and finishes, our design phase sets the tone for the whole renovation.

For example, in renovating Rob’s Vancouver condo finding the right wood flooring drove the direction for all the other finish selections. Even the lighting and art placement on the walls were considered before any changes were made.

Good design is in the details, and at maison d’etre everything starts with a detailed design. The important thing to focus on is understanding both the limits and the potential for condo renovations – what works for sound transference issues, balcony transformations, and how to create storage space.

As an award winning specialist in Vancouver condo renovations maison is experienced in taking care of these “hidden” challenges while seamlessly providing all of the services – design, permits, construction – your condo renovation requires.

Contact us to find out more about what a detailed maison d’etre design phase can do for your next renovation project.

You can find our latest video on the maison d’etre Design Phase on our facebook page.

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