Condo or House?

Ready to make the move to home ownership but having trouble deciding what that might look like for your family – condo in the heart of the city… house in the ‘burbs? We asked one of our clients about this and here’s what they happily shared with us.

What was the deciding factor for you in choosing your Vancouver condo over a house in the suburbs (besides the fact that its such a spectacular one!)?

We really like the neighbourhood – it is great to be downtown and close to everything – work, school, recreation, entertainment, shopping. We can walk to do most errands while at the same time having lots of greenspace and a community feel. My husband works downtown and travels a lot for business so a short daily commute and easy access to the airport via the Canada line were important.

What do you like most about living in the condo?

The convenience, security, easy maintenance, and neighbourliness.

Were you concerned that you might not have enough space for a family of five?

Before our condo renovation we felt like we were bursting at the seams. But with a great redesign and some decluttering we feel that the space is just right. Its big enough that everyone feels like they have their own space, but small enough that even when everyone is off doing their own thing, we feel together as a family. Its amazing the difference good design makes – believe it or not our home feels uncluttered and relaxing! And an added benefit of optimizing a smaller space is that when we all pitch in we can clean the condo top to bottom in an hour. Also, we consider that have a “yard” and “basement” complete with a games room, home theatre, gym and pool. We just take an elevator there instead of stairs, and share it with our neighbours. Pluse we don’t have to spend any time maintaining any of these facilities.

How do your three kids like living in the condo?

The kids say they like living in a neighbourhood with lots to do and they also like the “at home together feeling” that we mentioned above. There are playgrounds, playing fields, basketball and tennis courts, hockey rinks, a bike path plus a community centre within a 5 minute walk so there are plenty of places to play outside and meet friends.

Any words of advice for those having a hard time choosing?

A condo made sense for us but every family is different and has different priorities. Each choice has its benefits and compromises. Our advice would be to make a list of the pros and cons of each option and then see which one better meets your family’s priorities. In our case cutting commuting time was more important than extra space.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!  So  when you’re close to making that decision contact maison d’etre. We’ll be glad to show you how great design can make your new home all that you want, and need it to be.

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